im waiting for your story as i dream

wow i really wish id actually write and entry when i say to myself that im gonna. Alright well im taking things alot harder than i ever thought i tell you the truth im actually chrushed.....but what else can you do. Things lately have been weird ill go from thinking about her and getting so god damn upset and then forgeting about her totally for about like an hour and then she will just come back again.....and when i think i think about everything like how things were goin so good, the fact that i coulda kissed her and the fact that if i didnt do what i did i might have been with her, I also think of how i knew this all would happen...Mikey tries so hard gives her anything she wants.....but then some kid just comes in the picture outta nowhere and everything gets fucked up....I mean i was fucking crazy about this girl. I acutally lately due to this whole situation happened have reverted back to something i used to do......
I also hate the fact that she could act like everything is perfectly ok when i see her or talk to her online...cuz things arent ok and the probably will never fucking be ok. and heres a few things about mikey boy......although im loud and outgoing in school and around friends im not happy......thats it im not a happy boy, i am actually a miserable and depressed kid...some people might think im caring or compassionate.....well i aint i only care about me self and do things if it benefits me......And call me inconsiderate i really dont give a fuck i have been called it before.....Oh yeah i am also really fucking jealous and i wanna fucking kill that kid i really do but somethings stoping me......her.....thats the only thing.. i just keep telling myself as long as shes happy and frankly i shouldnt even give a fuck at all cuz im not happy and never will...she was the one i know it and things are just fucked up.....
anyway although that shits happening im getting better very lil by lil and you know like i wouldnt have been able to with out my boys....Seriously all ive needed were like a few boys night with no girl im after and its been i wann like thank
Adam- man you are my best friend seriously man, you've been there for me for a bunch oh shit and you helped me with emily and now man i need your help more than ever...i feel really close to you and can tell you anything....and you are like one of my only friends that actually care so thanks adam
Jay- man im glad we have become close in like the past 2 years. we have had many good times such as the MAC DADDIES, dont worry man we will hit that up one of these days. also making songs with you is fun but man we really have to buckledown and make some more shit and finish it....You are another one of my best friends and my chronic buddy......if you ever need help i got your back
Joey- yo man what else could i say....your fucking awesome...I wanna thank you for making my summer what it was....although we didnt really like eachother at one point your the fucking motherfucker. This summer was off the hook and im looking foward to doing it again.yo i got your back no matter what goes down and im looking foward to hanging out with you later tonight so dont forget to hook me up

alright there are also other people that have helped me but ive realized that i hate writing a mini paragraph for people so ill just name ya no offence:
tori,dave,vic,jess f,evie,stu,philly and im having a brain fart sorry for people i forgot you know who you are and if i wasnt half retarted now id remember.

How ever the one person i wanna thank the most:
Jess-you made me see that it was alright to be myself and not care what people thought. Also you truely made me happy....before this big ordeal i was actually miserable and it was you that made me feel amazing once again and gave me a reson to be optimistic....although things are fuckied up now and they will never be the way they were before i never will regret this or regret meeting you...ill admit sometimes i say it but i honestly dont mean it cuz when things were good i felt so damn amazing and i wanan thank you for that. You also showed me that you cant always get what you want no matter how hard you try and that when they say u can do anything if you put your mind to it is absolutly false but ohwell im not really mad i dont have any reason to im just let down and its not your fault but anyway thanks and ill always be there for you.
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so baby if you want this tell me tonight and this could be the story in a dream

well today i supossed to go to katies b day party but i cant cuz now i have work......what a sucky ending for a sucky know i really thought this weekend would be awesome i got my ass outta punishment but nope this weekend totally sucked....the only good part was friday at the the olive garden....yesterday did nothing except sit on my ass at home and then vic came over and we drank.....and i cried to him about things heh yeah real cool huh and today its not the alcohol thats doin it but i feel like total shit but its not your fault its mine and im sorry
i wont talk i wont breathe i wont move till you finally see that you belong with me
good song and wise words i feel like sometimes i can relate but im gonna go do nothing on this awesome weekend
-mikey d and i really mean its not your fault
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so this week has been pretty cool......a early dismissal on wed. and no school thursday. Wed. i went home ater and then picked up jess and chelsea and took them to jess' house to get a ddr dance pad and then we went back to chealsea's and played some ddr it wasnt till then i noticed a sucked.. around 12:00 i left because chelseas mom was commin home then i took a ride over eveies and hung out whith the whole crew we watched a movie played ping pong some more ddr and just chilled. THursday i woke up at 11:30 shoveled the drive way and it was a bitch and called jess to see if she wanted to hang out....I went to out some where and then i went to jess' and then we hung out till i had gay work!!!!! wwe played ddr and talked....It was nice talking however we caught up on times and stuff and told eachother stories of what happened to us lately and stuff idk it was cool. Today we went back to school and it wasnt that bad. I also got to leave early so i was happy.... However i sorta got grounded but thanks to my great idea i wrote out 200 sentences to get outta it. 100 saying i will not talk back to my parents and will watch my mouth and the other 100 was i will respect my family...then we went to olive garden for matty langs b-day it was so much fun and our waitor was the shit. DID YOU KNOW THERE WAS FREE REFILLS OF BREADSTICKS SOUPS AND SALADS?!?!?!?!? I DIDNT BUT IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to matty langs house and hung for a lil and had some cookies and now i am currently home writting this entry....I have no clue what im doing tomorrow but i wanna make it good since i have work sunday give me a two way or leave a comment if you wanna do somethin
talk to ya people later
-mikey d
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im backkkkk

wow it has been a while since my last entry.... alot has happened to me.....shortly after my last entry jess and i had an argument which resulted in us not being friends and not talking to one another for a while. But recently i came outta what ever the hell was wrong wit me and now we are talking again and hanging out.......and i will admit that now that were hanging out again it made me relized really how much i did miss hang out with her even though i tried to act to her and everybody i didnt care. Also toward the end of the summer my drug use was getting out of hand for me but i was loving it i never thought i would get busted doing it or anything.....But in the begining of the school year it finally happpend my parents caught me smoking pot and i got in trouble and grounded for a month...the only thing i was allowed to do was go to homecomming which wasnt that great. oh yes how can i forget i finally got the guitar ive been wanting forever and i love it... now all i need is a band....that could be a problem....also in the begining of the year i also had this big thing for sarah but things didnt work out so i moved on but we are still frinds and its cool. also this doent really happen alot maybe once in a blue moon but for once i am truely happy and i feel like a good thing is awaiting me and comming my way i hope that thats really gonna happen. oh yeah yesterday was tors birthday so me jess barbara tor jay adam dave evie and bobby went out to eat at chilis it was pretty fun later that night after i took jess home i hung with stu vic and chris which was pretty fun. Fridays the big rock club show lol and im not even sure im in it anymore
well i gotta get going to bed now to rest up for school tomorrow and look fine lol
hope you enjoy my entry i should update it maybe in august....nah jp ill try to update it consistanly
-mikey d
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Just Chillen

since i last left you things got better i realized that some people are just jealous and stuff and say things that arent true. Me and jess have been hangin out alot more and it awesome, she is really cool and is fun to hang out with she came over my house a few days ago we hung out for a lil and i walked her back to kellys but we stoped in the middle of the road and looked at the stars she thinks i was sleeping cuz i was really tired but nah i was awake, the stars are really crazy to they are awesome. yesterday i went over jess house b4 work for tori and anmandas grad. party it was funn we went on their paddle baot and went across the lake to pick someone up then we chilled for a lil but was interuppted by work... but she told me i could come back after work which was ten but lucky me i got off early at 8:30 so i went home washed up and set up the tent for the awesome sleep over i had and then went to her house by time i got there it was like 9:15 and her dad said i had to be gone at 10 so we didnt really hang out alot......but i think we might hang out either monday or wed.
now the camp out it was crazy stu who is againt drinkin got piss ass drunk and was falling everywhere
i think he will do it again it was awesome we are looking to do that again even tho i didnt do anything it was fun seeing stu messed up but i must go bye bye
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Heres one for you

Fuck off.......the week was goin good then just came to a screeching hault. im not in a good mood and i hate fuckin people who lie to you just to get to something they fuck offff and if you leave bullshit comments to try to piss me off more ill fucking kill you
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Man im way to lazy to update

First off this journal entry goes out personally to jess....Thanks for making me update Well its been quite a while since i updated nothing really new happened with me expect the fact that i got a ticket and a new job at kfc which isnt so bad. Oh yeah me and jay have been writing acoustic shit and we got to 4 songs we just need a few more to release a demo or something well im gonna go tomorrow is stus party.
Thanks jess and stay tuned for more entries to come
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It's Been A While

hey there again sorry i havent updated in like 9 million years. A few things have happened to me which some are cool and some are a lil upsettin....Your thinking and yeah your right me and melissa still get into aour little gay fights but oh well....I had my birthday on the 13th of april thats right mikey D is now a whole 17 but it doesnt really feel any different then 16......I made a new friend too well for like a week untill some one opened their mouth and got me introuble with her brother.....her name is laura she seems cool and nice and is really pretty but now we dont talk or see eachother anymore becuase of saras fat fuckin sister. Oh thats a new thing i absolutly hate saras sister she is a total cunt i really hope she would catch an std and just die... The rest of this year will be dedicated to making her life a living hell shes a skank i hate her and she should die it is because of her me and laura dont talk anymore and thats not the only time she has been a bitch to me..... Also we had a chance show it went pretty smoothly and the band is also working on the sweet 16 project for suts guitar teachers daughter...I sing a weezer song island in the sun it sounds really good and i hope to sing more of the songs. Also i decided to ask lexa to the prom for next year.....i was gonna wait till next year and ask her but i decided to do it now so i dont have to worry about it next year.....I was really considering asking her next year and it was cool she said sure it should be awesome next year....SCHOOLS ALMOST OVER EVERYBODY!!!!!! next year ill be and upperclassmen this should be cool
But i must be going it feels go to write again! i wanna see alot of comments too.
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Well this weekend was how do i say it aaaaaamazing. Friday got into a fight with melissa(heh what else is new) it really doesnt bother me anymore its probably for the best. Then after that stupid fight me adam evie and lauren went too go see starsky and hutch. The movie was pretty good. Then Saturday the best day of all I woke up took stu to mahopac to cash acheck then picked joe up and brought him to bobs in return for stuff. Then me and young stuart went to east coast and the mall that was funn. Later that night i went to bobs and had my whole bottle of absolute and barcardi to myself and got fucked up times 1000 that is the worst I ever been. I hardly remember anything but i heard stories like I asked a bunch of people for hugs and told cailin she was my best friend and tell people they were hott. I also told people the rubber glove and aloe story. And when i got home that night my mom called me upstairs and she asked me if i heard this explosion and i said i did and it was a yellow firework which i saw on the lawn...I made that up i saw no firework or heard no explosion she has to know i was drunk. Man was i bad. Sunday i had a hang over times 1000 but practice was amazing we wrote another songs and finished the tall tale battle trilogy.
and i had to finish my gay math project that shit took me forever. Today was cool went to school in a toga for extra credit in english had band practice and went out to dinner.
well im out
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Just Not My Weekend

Well it all started on Friday I played the talent show with D.o.G and 50/50 chance......We both played amazing. But my favorite band that night was D.o.G the song was tight and we WERE the best band there no doubt even the crowd was singing with us and gave us a standing ovation. But suprisngly we lost to the one band we didnt want to and plus we kicked the shit outta them it wasnt cool. Fuck Chris Brown ive hated him since i met him and now hate him more his ego better not gett any bigger. So Saturday came along i thought it was gonna be good I didnt have work and i was gonna get metallica tickets(so i thought) I didnt have work but ofcoarse nothing went right for me this whole weekend and they like sold out in 5 min. Later that day we cleaned adams basement to make more rehersal space that and practice sunday was the only good things that happened. Sunday came along slept late got up took a shower and then went to adams. We then had band practice and made the 3rd part of a Tall Tale battle it is sweet and i play in drop d. I am still annoyed as fuck that we lost and will be bitter till next talent show i will win. I am determined to. The only person i agree with the judges that won was the beautiful Deanna and thats it
well i am out
-Mikey D
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